Friday, January 21, 2011

Chinese Hong Kong University

Hong Kong has a total of eight Universities.  Hong Kong University was established in 1911 and is the oldest.  It is located on the Island.  The Chinese University of Hong Kong opened in 1963.  It is on a beautiful campus at Ma Liu Shui which is north of Sha Tin in the New Territories.  There is also the University of Science and Technology and the Polytechnic University plus other small colleges scattered around.  Ryan is taking his masters at the Chinese University, so we went with him last night to tour around and see where he spends two evenings a week in classes.
Ryan heading into the Kwok Sports Building to meet with one of his professors.
Coming onto the campus.

This building houses the gym and is attached to the stands of the track and field below. 

Beautiful track and facilities.
Student Residence behind.  Blaine had to walk around on the rubberized track and check out the weight room in one of those quonset looking buildings.
Checking out the field.
Large avenue heading to the Library.
Entrance to the KCR station.

KCR Platform

Overlooking part of the campus.  Both the boys lived in the area across the water when they first came to HK.  Not those apartments but further down the coast to the left. (I think it was to the left) Mostly l haven't got a clue where anything is here.  You go up and down, through tunnels and round and round.  Very little is straight or level in Hong Kong.
The campus is situated all over the hills.

Colorful Chemistry building.
Chinese medicine garden

It is a very pretty campus with lots of trees but l'd hate to have to climb the stairs that are all over the place.  Everywhere you go you are either going up or down.  Kids should all be in shape!
Picture of the layout of the University.  We went for supper in one of the cafeterias, which was only $18. each, but l've never seen so many people eating noodles of all descriptions in one place before.  We had a baked spaghetti with cream sauce, chicken and veg. which was good.  There were kids eating soup with noodles, noodles with pork chop and gravy, baked noodles, Thai noodles,  plain noodles, noodles with different sauces and of course noodles with fish.  We saw only one kid with fries!!  Noodles are for sure the big seller here.

When Dallas and Colette were here, we went out for noodles too!!  Tricky little devils to eat with the chopsticks!

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