Friday, August 26, 2011

Monkey Mountain

Kam Shan Country Park in Sha Tin is called Monkey Mountain for good reason.  It is absolutely full of wild monkeys!!  Ryan took us for a drive up to have a look and it is amazing the number of monkeys you see.  The fine for feeding them is large but people still seem to do it.  We stopped the car to watch them and all of a sudden there they were sitting on the mirrors looking in at you!!!  It's quit startling at first to see them so close.  You wouldn't dare open a window or they would be in the car in your lap!  Some of the males are quit large and kind of intimidating.

 There were monkeys of all sizes and ages.  The new born ones were so cute with their little wizened faces and big ears!!

After seeing the monkeys we went up to Tai Mo Shan, which is the highest mountain in Hong Kong.  It's English name is " big misty mountain" and it is 957 m high.

 l didn't have my camera with me because l didn't know we were going, but l took these with my phone, so they're not that great.  This is looking over to Tsuen Wan.   Across the water is Shenzhen, which is in China.

It was quite clear when we arrived but by the time we left it was living up to its name as misty mountain.
The road up is very narrow.
The road to very top is blocked off for cars, but you get pretty close.  The kids loved climbing on the big rocks.
Having some father and son discussion time!!
The mist started rolling in.  It came up very fast and there were wisps of cloud flying not far above us!

You get some amazing views from up here and can see how all the islands are very hilly.
Hunter was practicing his snake killing skills with the umbrella!!  Thanks goodness we didn't see any!

Hong Kong island is in the distance.  This picture was taken about half way down, and you're still high enough to see quite a ways.  Ryan, Jill and another teacher road their mountain bikes up to the top.  It took them around 31/2 hr.  The road is very twisty and steep and in some places two cars can't meet!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Kids Kids Kids

The past few days have been busy with grand kids activities.  Hunter started it off with a fall from his bunk
bed and a stay overnight in the hospital in Tsuen Wan because he needed stitches and they had to put him out.  Because it was on his face and deep they brought in a plastic surgeon so hopefully there will be little scarring.
On Sunday l went along with Jill to watch Keegan at his first modeling job!  I was amazed he actually stood on his spot and allowed Jill to change his clothes so many times!!
Then on Monday we celebrated Rachel's second birthday and it was fun to meet some of her little friends and moms.  So l'm afraid it will all about the grand kids today!!
A very serious moment!
Always time for a story.
Showing me his war wound!
I was surprised he was so willing to do this!

I've never been to a shoot before, so it was very interesting to watch.
When he got hold of the water pistol he really came alive!!

This little girl was also 2 yr. old and had been modeling for awhile.
He loved the hats!!  All these picture l took with my phone so they are not very good quality.

Mr. Cool!!
This girl had been modeling since she was 6 months old.  She is from Montreal originally and has been in HK  2 yr. What would a Barnstable do with a football you are given to hold?  Well you throw it of course.  Keegan was told that was naughty!!

The clothes were really cute and were for some company that sells mainly in Europe.
I don't think laying on the floor where you can't see the clothes was what they were aiming for but Keegan was getting to the end of his endurance by that time!

He really liked those hats!!  My battery quit about this time so l didn't get the outdoor ones.  I don't know if he'll consent to doing this again or not but it was fun to go and see what it was all about.

Keegan with his Micky ears on at the party!!
Her theme was Micky and Minnie.  Rachel loves her cupcakes!!
She was having a little difficulty sharing her stuffed toys and told Jocelyn to hide them!!
It was a long wait before she could eat those cupcakes!!
Breaking the pinata.  She was a little upset when they started trying to break it because she'd been told for the last week not to!!

mmmmmmmmmmm I'm wondering how l can get some more!!

Isn't this the best cupcake ever?

Say cheese!
So thankful to be able to share in these kinds of celebrations.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Sky100 is an observation deck located in the new International Commerce Center which has 118 floors.  The deck is on the 100th floor of the tallest building in Hong Kong and is the only place offering 360 degree views of the city. Last Wed. was a particularly clear day, which you don't get too often here, so we took advantage of the weather and went for a tour.  The Ritz Carlton has a hotel on the top floors with a pool that goes to the edge of the building,and restaurants, and you can stay there for only $24,000 H.K a night!!

On the bottom of this building is a mall called Elements and it has a skating rink, lots of cinemas, stores, and  a grocery store carrying some western things, so we come here once in a while to stock up, and stop for a burger at the White Spot!!
Kylie took this panorama shot the day they were there.  So you need to imagine you are walking in a circle heading to your right and overlap some of the pictures and you'll get a view of Hong Kong from 100 floors up!!  You are looking over Kowloon which is on the mainland.  

Kowloon is on the left and to the right is Hong Kong Island.  The Star ferries go between the Kowloon side and the island.  Cruise ships dock where the pier is jutting out on the Kowloon side.  This harbor is called Victoria harbor.  This area is called Tsim Sha Tsui or more commonly know as TST.  The green area is Kowloon Park and near where l come for my Chiropractor appointments.
This is looking to the main financial district on Hong Kong island.  The tall building right in front is the International Finance Center(This is the building from which Batman jumped off of in one of his movies).  This is the Central district and is very crowded.  All the buildings in the water are ferry terminals that go to all the different islands.  It's deceiving when you look at it like this as to how tall all those building are.

This is another one of Kylie's and shows the end of the island which is Kennedy town.  On the other side of this island is Aberdeen, and Stanley.
Look straight down from the deck, and this road is the entrance to the West tunnel that goes beneath Victoria harbor to Hong Kong island. This section is a work in progress as they develop the promenade around it and make it into a park.
This is looking over to Lantau island where the airport, and Disneyland are.
You can see the typhoon shelter right below.  Ryan and Jill live way off in the distance along the coast.
Container ports are in the distance, where the containers you see on the trains in North America are loaded onto huge ships.
Stone Cutters Bridge that runs by the container port.
Looking to the right is the beginning of the back side of the Kowloon side.

Some of the districts that are in this area l've probably mentioned at one time or another are Mong Kok, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon City and To Kwa Wan where we live.
In the middle of the picture is the old airport with the runway jutting out into the harbor.  

 A close up of our place.  It is the group of dark towers closer to the left in the middle of the picture. They are in front of the open area that looks like cement pads. This is the To Kwa Wan district where we live.
Well you've now seen a 360 degree view of Hong Kong and we're back where we started.  It has it's challenges living here, but it's a beautiful city in many ways and the scenery is fantastic with its ocean and mountains and amazing buildings.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Jade market

The Jade Market has around 400 hundred stalls selling all varieties  and grades of jade.  It's not recommended to buy anything that is very  expensive here unless you really know jade, and can tell the difference in the grades and kinds, as there are many variations to the color of genuine jade.

Entrance to the Jade Market.
Each one of the tables is a separate little stall, so you can see how they pack so many in one building!

Lots of little carved animals and Buddhas!

Necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings of every description.

If you are looking for any kind  of bead or necklace you'll find it here!

There are lots of coral beads.

Keep digging, you'll find something interesting!

The problem is, if you stop just to look, they're on you like bees to honey and you can't just browse
 and look through all the stuff, which is annoying because you don't have the time to see what's all there.

There are some really neat things, but you need to bargain or you'll end up paying way too much.

I think this poor soul had had enough of shopping in the market and needed a well deserved rest!!
I succumbed to the temptation and bought two little elephants!  One is jade and one is rose quartz (supposedly!!)  As with all the markets here you go, and  if you find something that strikes your fancy, get it for the joy of getting something you like, and bargain like mad knowing you are getting fakes but having fun doing it!!  If you want something that you know is genuine go to a reputable store you're sure of but otherwise go have fun in the markets!  They are a hoot, and you can find all kinds of wonderful things!!  Where else would you find genuine jade and rose quartz elephants for $10 Canadian??