Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mothers Day in Hong Kong

You don't see a lot of advertising for Mothers Day here, but l've seen cards, and l noticed quite a few ladies carrying flowers around.  Mothers Day turned into a two day event for me this year.  On Saturday afternoon we went out to the Gold Coast with Ryan to see the boat show that was held at the marina there.

The tents had different events taking place each day, and had an Aston Martin Rapide which is worth around $400,000 U.S. sitting there.  I don't know if they were selling tickets on it or what.
There were boats of every description and size.  From ocean going yachts to small fishing boats, and everything in between.  We were somewhat out of our element, but it's fun to dream!
This Yacht was really beautiful inside.  The picture below was the fellow who took us around.  This boat was by invitation only but as l was standing there looking at it the guy asked if we wanted to see it so of course l wasn't about to pass that up, since we'll probably never see one like it again! Some you weren't allowed to take pictures in but he didn't seem to mind!

This was kind of a funny looking one and l overheard the owner telling someone he uses it to go between the islands and Aberdeen.  Kind of a weird looking thing!

The black one was unique as it was a hydrofoil.
This was a privately owned sail boat and you couldn't get near it, but it sure was beautiful.   I'd love to see it with the sails up.
This is a model of another one you couldn't get on.  Some of the big ones were for sale privately.

The next 6 pictures are of the inside of the ship on the TV.
Some don't look that big from the outside, but there is lot of room on the inside, and every bit of space is used efficiently.
One of the bedrooms.   Most slept  6-8 plus crew quarters.
Looking out toward the back deck.
Control panel.
On top was the hot tub in case you get tired of the ocean, and of course there was the sea-do parked next to it!!
This houseboat is much taller and square shaped than the ocean going ones.  The square footage in some is bigger than our house at home!

Kids needed a snack and drink in the heat. (I think grampa did too!)

The kids would rather be climbing trees that having their pictures taken!!

 After the boat show Ryan and Blaine took Jill and l out for supper.  When we got back home that night Jocelyn had brought over a beautiful flower arrangement and a card she and Rachel had made for me, so l was very spoiled!  The next morning Kylie Jocelyn and Rachel made an early visit and Kylie brought me another card from him, which made it even more special.  After church we went over to the Happy Valley Race Course to watch the boys & Jill play some touch football games!
Inside the race course are 12 playing fields for floor hockey, soccer, rugby and football.  It's absolutely massive. 
Kylie quarterbacked.  He has the white hat and Ryan has the blue.
Jill and and Rebecca, a teacher from our school also played.  Unfortunately the team didn't do too well.  I think there were only 2 or 3 of the guys who had actually played football before so it was mostly a learning time!!  I think they are trying to get a men's touch football league going so maybe there will more games in the future.  Even though they were pretty sore the next day they all enjoyed it.  For me it was rather like going back in time watching my kids play sports, and sort of fitting for Mothers Day!!  Thanks to all of you for the great Mothers Day Weekend in Hong Kong!

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