Friday, July 15, 2011

Macau - Asia's Las Vegas

Macau is known for a few things, but probably the most common is that it is Asia's version of Las Vegas, and that it has a Portuguese heritage.  Hong Kong and Macau, are the only two Special Administrative Regions in China, and will stay that way until 2049.  Portuguese traders settled in Macau in the 16th century and it continued  until the handover in 1999.  It maintains it's own money, legal system, immigration system, and police force. For years the gambling was controled by one man, but in 2002 this ended and some big name casinos from Las Vegas have built hotels there, as Macau is the only place in China where gambling is legal.

The ferry ride is about and 1 1/2 hr. from Hong Kong, through some nice scenery.
Leaving Hong Kong.  There are all kinds of ferries going to different islands.
In first class you are served drinks and big bowls of hot noodles!!  The seats are comfy!
Rachel loves her I-phone with all kinds of movies to keep her occupied while riding in trains, taxi's, buses and boats!!
We stayed at the Venetian.  It is similar to the one in Vegas, except it is apparently the world's 5th largest building by area, and has the largest casino in the world.  Anyway it is very large with lots of walking!!

They certainly didn't spare the money when it came to decorating with gold leaf!
The bathroom itself was probably half the size of our apartment!  Loved it!
I love how it's made to look like you are outdoors.  This is part of the food court!!
Looking out our window to some of the other new hotels.  The City of Dreams down at the end has the Dancing Waters show we went to.  It was really entertaining. 

Another outside street.  It really is a beautiful and amazing hotel.
Just hanging out on a streetlamp!
The hotel had an ice sculpture exhibition of artists works from Harbin.  I've been wanting to go to Harbin, which is in northern China because they have this huge festival in Jan. with life size ice sculptures with teams competing from all over the world, but now l guess we won't have to go that far!

Rachel doing her best impression of holding up the world!
This is the entrance to one of the old churches in Macau.
It's been awhile since l've been this cold!  They keep it at minus 15.
My favorite was the carousel.
Blaine thinks we might be able to afford a car like this when we come home!!
The ice bar!!  They had so many other neat sculptures.  Animals, Roman Coliseum, Statue of liberty, Big Ben, and even a slide you go down on carpet which Kylie and Jocelyn tried!  It really was worth seeing.

 This is one of the new hotels called The Galaxy.  They are still working on parts of it. It was really pretty, especially at nightThis is looking over to the other side of the city where most of the older casinos are.  There are some very different shaped hotels here.  The older part of the city with the old Portuguese buildings are on this side.  Next week we'll have a look at the older Macau, and maybe try some bungy jumping!!

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