Friday, January 13, 2012

Christmas at the Flower Market

I had forgot l had all these pictures of Christmas time at the Flower Market.  I went down there one morning
and just wandered around through all the plants.  So its rather late but flowers are timeless!!

This Christmas store is open year around and is jammed packed with stuff for four floors.   The upper
floor is dried and artificial flowers and one floor is more for weddings.  This store is at

the beginning of the Flower Market streets.

This year they seemed to have more real trees of all sizes.  The big ones are very expensive.

The decorations here are generally very sparkly and sometimes quite over the top!
Not so much green and red here but lots of different colors.
I actually rather liked the purple!!
Lots of wire type things!

Some more traditional looking snowmen and tree.
The store decorations are quite interesting!
This has snowflakes and l'm not sure what the pink things, but it was very large with lots of beads!

The angles come in large sizes too!

Lots of glitz and glitter on everything.
Each little shop is packed with fresh flowers.  Roses of every color.

Of course at Christmas time there are poinsettias of every size and color.

Flowers are really cheap here.  Some of those bunches are only about a dollar Canadian. 
You can always buy lilies here.  These were about $3. Can.
Most of the shops are quite small, but this one is fairly large and spacious.

They had these cute little kind of puckered up poinsettias that l had never seen before.

I loved the color of this one, but don't know what it is.  Anyone know?

Lots of tropical type plants.
These large poinsettias were around $10 Can.

Snapdragons and Sweet William are planted in the beds at Sky Tower now.
Hydrangeas were around $9 Can.

Aren't the roses lovely?  Not much fragrance but pretty just the same.
There seemed to be a lot of gladiolus around too.
I'm not sure what this is.  It almost looks like a water lily.  I loved the color!
What ever they are you can get a dozen for less than $3 bucks Cad.
I just want to go and buy one of each!

Before we leave and l am going to get myself an orchid! At the flower show in
March you could buy them for next to nothing.
If you need a snack of kumquats, or little pumpkins or tomatoes, you can get those at the 
Flower Market  too!! 
You can even get real cotton boles and pick them yourself!  I don't know if l've ever seen real cotton still
on the stalks.  I had to come to Hong Kong to see it!!
Of course there is bamboo of every size!
And tucked away l found cosmos, tomato plants, strawberry plants, blueberry bushes and l can't
 remember what all was mixed in there, but it made me feel like home, and ready to garden!!

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