Thursday, September 2, 2010

1st Month

View out our front window

It doesn't seem possible that we have been here almost a month already, but the time has flown by and been filled with lots of new experiences.  We've been busy getting settled in our flat, getting phones, getting our Hong Kong ID, learning how to buy groceries, banking, buying pots and pans, and dishes etc. finding our way around, and enjoying being with our kids and grand kids.  Oh yeah and Blaine started school on the 16th!!  All new teachers come early to get organized.  The school has two campuses this year
as they are trying to get their enrollment up so they will be ready when the new school is built.  The kids came last Thursday, so this is the first full week of kids.  It's sort of like being a new teacher again for Blaine, but he is enjoying the kids and slowly beginning to be able to pronounce some of the names!  We're in old Kowloon and when I'm out and about I very rarely see another white person but when you go into the downtown area its like a whole new world and you wonder what all these white people are doing here!
There is no rhyme or reason to these pictures!  I'll get better l hope as l do more.There is a restaurant in Sai Kung, which is a very pretty fishing village along the ocean and they have huge tanks of every kind of sea creature imaginable, and you pick what you want and tell them how you want it cooked.  One of the board members from the school takes all the new teachers out for supper there at the beginning of the year.  It was really fun!
We live in a complex called Sky Tower. We're in tower 7.  There is actually only 6 towers because there's no number 4.  The complex takes up a whole block.  From our tower you walk almost a block just to get out the front door.  There is a walkway on the third floor that's outside  and has lots of plants, gazebos, and waterfalls, or you can go down to ground level and go through the car park which is nice when its raining.  The pool isn't quit as big as Rosetown's but good. The amenities block has a badminton/basketball court, a squash court, 3 piano rooms, two kids play areas, saunas, a place to get your nails done, 4 massage chairs, a reading room, and a big area you can rent for bigger gatherings.
We live on the 36th floor just down the hall from Kylie, Jocelyn & Rachel.  Our side of the building over looks the old Kai Tak airport.  We can see part of the old runway that juts out into Kowloon Bay.  It's pretty smoggy today, but when its clear its quit pretty.  It used to be considered the most dangerous airport in the world.  All the taller buildings are new.  There is a helicopter pad just below us where we watch them coming and going.  They don't fly up this high!!  Hunter loves to watch the buses and helicopters come and go.
That's it from HK.  Wishing you all a good week and God's Blessings.

Looking up at one of the towers
The outdoor walkway
The old runway jutting out into Kowloon Bay
Dinner at Sai Kung
Getting our ID card.  Can't live here without it.

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