Friday, September 17, 2010

To market, to market to buy....

about two blocks from here
Every area has its own street of outdoor markets, or at least one or two on the corner.  There's usually one that is the butcher with various meats.  Mostly pork l think and fish.  The whole pig is delivered in the morning and then they work away on it all day.  They seem to do a good business but l wouldn't buy from there.  l was walking behind some ladies the other day who had obviously been meat shopping and were holding up a hunk of something and discussing their purchase as they walked along!
across the street from the meat
This whole street on both sides has stalls selling fruit, veg, nuts, all kinds of dried thingies(don't know what they are) and behind the stalls are little stores, and businesses.  You walk down the middle of the street and get out of the way for cars, vans, and trucks that somehow squeeze by.  The only thing with the market is that you can't always count on them having the same things all the time, because they get what's fresh that day.  I've been trying to find red peppers for a week or more and on Sun. Ryan and Jill walked through and bought some for $7 HK and on Mon. morning when l went there wasn't one to be found, so l finally bought one from the store and paid a whole lot more $35. HK.
weird watermelons
Mostly l've been buying our fruit there.  They have really good grapes, bananas, apples, oranges and cherries.  The kids tell me l have to buy a mango because they are totally different from Can and really good.  Haven't done that yet.  We had some mango's hanging from a tree in the courtyard, but l see they have disappeared! The watermelons were ones Jocelyn and l saw over in Kowloon City market.  Look at the price.  That's almost $700 Can.  Can you imagine paying that for some odd shaped watermelon?  I don't know if they actually eat them or what.  Some have faces grown right into them and others are different shapes.  The tomato was the size of a basketball!!  Wonder what they injected it with!!  If you double click on the pictures you can enlarge them.
You see these duck shops everywhere.  You can buy your duck whole, headless, of just the neck and head!  They look kind of yucky, but when we went out for that supper with all the teachers, l had some  duck and it was really tasty!!  I'd never eaten duck before, but l would be nervous about buying one from these shops, and they can keep the head!
Sorry l didn't get a picture of the half dead frogs in the cages.  We'll have to save that pleasure for another day!
Happy market shopping to you all.  What an amazing variety God has provided.

Blaine and Sandra

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