Friday, March 25, 2011

Flower Show

The Hong Kong Flower Show has been running since 1968, and lasts for 10 days, with hundreds of thousands of visitors coming each year.  This years theme flower was the Primula.  The title was a Symphony of Spring Flowers, with lots of musical accents.  There are lots of educational activities, including music and cultural performances, floral art demonstrations, cookery demonstrations, photography competitions,  children's games and workshops on plant care etc.  Blaine and l went on Sat. morning and it was a wet morning, but that was OK as there were less people about!!  It is held in Victoria Park which is on the island. Next year we will definitely try and go again.

 Heading into the grounds.
Love the pink grand piano!

Music and flowers, what a great combination!

These panda bears were part of the Macau exhibition.  They were made from flower seeds!

This avenue of eighth notes ran the length of the main area.

This is a music stage with fountains and apparently at night is beautiful when all the lights are on.  It is made up of around 30,000 primula's of 30 different species.

These fountains are on three sides of the stage.  Loved those pink flowers.

There was every kind of orchid you can imagine in a myriad of colors and designs.

This plant was the grand prize winner for orchids.   Gorgeous!  Orchids are used extensively here.  At one of the commercial stalls they were selling potted orchids for $10 HK.  Like a toonie Cd.  I should have bought the one l was looking at.  A beautiful magenta one with lots of buds.  Oh well next year!

A football field size plot of tulips.

These next few pictures are of the children's animal musical group.  Some were animated and l thought they were wonderful!

 The tents behind were filled with all kinds of gardening paraphernalia and commercial flower growers.
The daffodils in this one were incredible.   I think that's a keyboard above the daffodils, with a CD in front.

Other side of the picture above.   The note was made up of  hyacinths.  Smelled nice!  
Gorgeous harp.  Can't fathom the amount of flowers used in the sculptures, and then add all the planted ones.  Wonder what they do with all the plants after.

These were huge!!  Really unique.
This was one of the plot competition entries.

These two plots were of the western garden.  I'm not sure why the house has its curtains on the outside of the windows!  Lots of impatiens were used.

This one was a South African display.

This one was from Indonesia.

Pure white frilly tulips.

These rabbits  in the children's area were made totally from fruit!
Love hydrangeas!  Happy gardening to you all.  Hopefully the snow will soon be gone and you can get out and plant like crazy

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