Friday, April 15, 2011

Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland opened in 2005.  It is situated northeast of Discovery Bay on Lantau Island and has its own train complete with mouse windows and all things Disney.  The park is smaller than more established Disney  parks but is expanding  in the next year or so which will almost double its size.  It has some differences than other parks, offering more food outlets because the Chinese like to have a proper meal when out for the day, and of course there is a wide choice of Chinese and Asian dishes.  Apparently they employed a squad of feng shui and Chinese numerology experts in designing the park.   It has its back to a mountain and faces the sea, many water features, more red in the design than is usual, and there are no green hats for sale, since in China a man in a green hat is said to be untrustworthy.  There are two hotels on the grounds with 2100 rooms

Entrance to the park.
Rachel loves to run, and the long avenue is perfect for that. Thanks Jocelyn for taking me along to enjoy the fun.  I love the music they have playing of different theme songs as you come onto the grounds.
What would it be without Micky and Minnie?  It's funny to watch the Asian people as the adults line up more than the kids to get their pictures taken with all the characters.  Many of them also wear costumes and ears etc.  They really get into it!!

The minuet we got into it proper Rachel plopped herself down on the curb to watch the parade, and this lady came over immediately and let her play with the stuffed toy.  They are always wanting to take pictures of white children and constantly someone is snapping a picture of her.  Sometimes they'll ask but most of the time they just snap away!!
Waiting for the parade to begin with our popcorn.  Most of the time you can only buy caramel corn here, but they had both kinds at the park which was a nice change.  When the sun is out it's beginning to get hot.  Don't think l'll be going in the summer heat.
They are celebrating their 5th year of operation this year.
She loves the parade!
What little girl doesn't want to be a princess and ride in a swan!!
Not sure where these fit in!
Right after l took the picture the baboon crouched down and was waving at Rachel.
I still love seeing all the characters!
The costumes are always so fanciful and fun.

There is something magical about it all and l enjoyed it too!
Saying good bye to the parade.

Rachel is in love with Tinkerbell.  Micky has gone by the wayside!

Playing the drums.  What fun to go with your grandchild.  Makes you feel young again.

The setting is really pretty, with the mountains in the background.
Right now they have Main Street, Fantasy land, Tomorrow Land and Adventure land.  I think there are three new ones coming, but not sure which ones.
Not a very dangerous looking criminal!
Heading home.  I bought a year pass that allows you to visit anytime during the week, so l hope can make many more trips with the grand kids over the next year.  Blaine left for Taiwan this morning.  Each year the school has what is called Discovery Days and the older kids get to go on a week long trip to various countries.  Next weeks blog, Taiwan (if l get it done before we leave for Chimelong on Sat.)

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