Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kowloon Park at TST

There is a park almost across the street form my chiropractor's office.  It's the Kowloon Park in the district of Tsim Sha Tsui or better known as TST.   It's many blocks square and has a Chinese garden, children's play area, Aviary, rose garden and maze.

The maze begins here.  I don't like going into mazes as they make me feel panicky to get out.   Maybe this one wouldn't be too bad as it's low and you can see.

The park has pools and many strange sculptures.  Not sure what this represents but it's kind of cool!

It is great to have flowering shrubs and flowers year around to give some color.

I took a picture of this woman because she was doing her exercises on the bridge!! She was doing squats, toe touches, shaking her legs all over.  It was hilarious to watch but no one cares they just walk on!

There are many bamboo trees throughout.

This flamingo was showing off his beautiful colored wings.  They are such odd creatures the way they can twist their necks almost in circles. Noisy bunch!

These two little turtles were lazing on a log.

The magnolia trees are just coming into bloom now.  I didn't realize the flowers come before the leaves are out.  The colors of the flowers range from pure creamy white, pink, magenta and some are vibrant orange.

There were a couple of areas where the dahlias were blooming like mad!

At the purple building there is a McDonald's that sells only drinks and ice cream, so anyway l was sitting at one of the tables and all the other tables were empty, when this older couple with a little boy came and sat at my table to have their ice cream.   We all said hello and the little fellow was rather shy, but grandma kept telling him to say something to me.  They love to let you know if they can speak English, so finally this little guy says to me "How old are you?"  Oh l said l'm old, and asked him how old he was.  He was 4 so l guess he's allowed to ask a woman her age!!  And that was the end of the conversation!

The rose garden is at the end of the season but there were still a few left.   A few weeks ago l was in the park and the roses were really beautiful but l didn't have my camera.  I don't think l've ever seen such huge blooms as were there then.  Some were the size of  lunch plates  Today they weren't as large.

These put our poor little plants here at Sky Tower to shame!!

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