Saturday, September 10, 2011

Shaolin Monks

One of our day trips this summer was to Ngong Ping to see a demonstration by the Shaolin Monks.  You can get to Ngong Ping, where the big Buddha is, by either bus or cable car, so this time we took the bus up and the cable car down.  I love their signs for telling you when the bus leaves and when the next one goes, and they leave exactly when they say they're leaving and if the door is closed and you run to catch it too bad because you don't get on!!

 Grandpa and his faithful sidekick!

 Heading into the village. There is a monastery here but the village is set up for tourist's of course.

 These guys were quite amazing to watch.

Wouldn't you like to be so flexible?
Not sure what this one is doing!
 I don't know if this is Kung Fu or what.

 The sword is real and sharp.  When Blaine's family came earlier on,one of the guys cut his forehead.

 This one is skipping on his butt with that rope he's swinging around!!

Doing somersaults off those poles!
And sideways flips!!
Balancing these buckets as they run up and over the poles.
These were hanging situps as they picked up water from a bucket below.
I didn't count how many times they did this, but it was a lot!! 
Hunter doing his Kung Fu!!
Hunter was thrilled to get his picture taken with the monks after the performance.
Practicing his drumming skills!
The Buddha is very large and on a clear day is visible from a long way off.
Heading down on the cable car. Keegan doesn't look impressed with having to get his picture taken when there was so much to see below!!
A little fishing village not too far from Tung Chung which is where the cable car originates from.
Just over the last hill is Tung Chung and the end of our outing

The train wasn't busy at this time so Keegan could relax and spread out!!  Unfortunately that only lasted till the next stop!!

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  1. Hi, I am going to HK this October and I am interested to see/watch Shaolin Kung Fu exhibitions. I've been searching in the net & cam across your blog. Is the performance free or does it have to come with a tour? Also, which part of the day did you see them perform, as I am planning to be in Ngong Ping half a day in the morning. Thanks in advance