Friday, September 30, 2011

Inspiration Park

One Sunday the church had a picnic day at a beautiful park called Inspiration Lake, which is part of the Disneyland grounds.  Here we are getting instructions to find the buses before heading out.

People on our bus.
Coming into the park grounds.
Reminds me of Moses leading the children of Israel, as we all follow along.
Spraying for the hated little biting black flies.  Didn't work, as l had many bites.  I counted around 10 on each arm and leg.  Miserable little creatures!!!  Thank goodness they will soon be gone.
There were these cool bikes for rent, but alas they were all booked.
I love these Bird of Paradise flowers that are everywhere.
Too hot to walk without an umbrella!
There's our bike!!
Relaxing in a gazebo.
 This hibiscus shrub was really covered with flowers.  Lovely!
Don't know what the three towers are for.
Panorama of the lake.

There are a lot of interesting trees here. I think this one might be the Gulmohar .  They have kind of a ferny leaf and get covered in these bright flowers. 
The Irises must have been beautiful in full bloom.

The paddle boats looked like fun too!
The Disneyland train going by.
Beautiful place to spend a relaxing Sunday afternoon.
This couple, who are originally from the U.S., have lived and worked as missionaries throughout Asia, and Taiwan their whole life.  They have an amazing wealth of  knowledge and are so interesting to visit with.
This couple are amazed that they are here even for a short time!!!
There were bridal parties having their photos done throughout the park.  
Heading home.  Except for the biting flies it was a great afternoon!!

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