Friday, November 18, 2011

Muslim Street Bazaar

Xian (pronounced like she an) has been home to a Muslim community since the Silk Road
was in existence.  The city of Xian was the easternmost point of the ancient Silk Road, and this brought traders and people from around Asia and the Middle East, who brought their faith and traditions with them.  Many of the Chinese became Muslims (mostly the Hui people).  In Xian is an old Mosque which dates back
to the 700's and is still used today, but it's architecture is all Chinese.  The Muslim Street Bazaar, which is also called Islamic Street, is filled with shops and restaurants and street vendors selling all sorts of exotic goodies!

These are called Jujube or Chinese dates.
I think these are goat or lamb's feet.  These people and their love of eating animals feet!!! 
Looking down the street of the Muslim bazaar.  This main area is relatively wide, but 
the streets leading off it are very narrow and crowded.
Heading into a silk shop.  Beautiful scarves, jackets and dresses.
Seems funny to see such a  mixture of Chinese and Arabic writing and types of food.
These were walnuts which are roasted in this big vat which has salt in it.  They were sooooo good!! 
Selling all kinds of nut mixtures.
Loved this sellers hat!!
Here you could mix and match your ingredients and then it was put in this big pan for cooking.

These guys dishes looked more Chinese in style. 
This shop had some neat stuff inside and lots of junk outside!!
Kebabs of all kinds cooked over a brazier.
Selling persimmons. The season for pomegranates and persimmons was in full swing while we were
there.  You could see trees full of them and sellers were everywhere.
These may have been a pomegranate or persimmon doughnut like things on a skewer. 
Had to try a lamb kebab.  I wanted to eat it off the stick but his were metal and they
put it in a little bowl.  Really good.  A Chinese lady also getting kebabs asked me if

l wanted them really spicy or not so much.  I opted for the not so much.

These are persimmon cakes which are made with rose petals and walnuts. 
This dish didn't look so appetizing!!  It's cubes of  jelly with some peppers and
 other green stuff on top!

Typical street stall.
Loved this guys big baskets  held on his bike with bamboo poles.
This guy had his stall set up right in front of this fire from the store behind him.  Wonder if
his butt ever good singed!!
The streets are very narrow and filled with vendors plus  people riding bikes, motor bikes and  bikes loaded with everything under the sun and everyone is packed in there standing looking at the stalls, eating and buying.  The horns are blasting and people yelling and it's a great experience, if you can manage to not get run over!!

Blaine bought himself a Russian looking winter hat for when we come home!!!
Dallas negotiating a deal!!  As you go further into the market there are all kinds of little shops.
This lady did Bible verses on Chinese scrolls.  You picked the verse and scroll you wanted and she'd 
write it out in Chinese script.  It was interesting to watch her write, and to see a
 Christian influence.  Her family had owned this shop for many years.
 Xian has around 50,000 Muslims in its city.  It's a fascinating place with all its diversity and history and 
there were a lot of things we didn't have time to see but l'm glad we got a glimpse
 of some of  its many sights.

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