Friday, November 4, 2011

Blaine's Birthday

   Friday night we got home from our trip to Xian and Beijing and then early Sat. morning 
Blaine and Dallas went to Shenzhen while l went out to Ryan and Jill's place to get
 ready for Blaine's 61st birthday party.

                                              This is Perlita, Ryan and Jill's helper.  Their dinning room and front 

                                                                 room is light and airy. 
Their new flat is all put together now and looks really great.

View from the balcony.  They are on the 12th floor.

Hunter got a new tent bed from Ikea!

They have three bedrooms and this one they turned into an office.

Most flats here have no built in closets, but this one has a real closet
so Hunter says it is a good place to hide in!
One little monkey jumping on the bed!
Three little monkeys jumping on the trampoline!  This flat has a roof top patio which gives them
a lot more space.

The kids have all gone nuts over little plastic animals and figures.
Lining them all up seems to be the big thing!

Ryan and Hunter made a leggo pirate ship together.

Lots of plastic animals.
Great to have the room for toys!

Hail! Hail the gangs all here, except for Jocelyn who was taking the picture.
Rachel made a picture and card for Grandpa!
The Chef!!   It's been a long time since we have had a real
barbecue.  You are not allowed barbecues if you only
have a balcony, so not many people have them.
The people with the roof top behind Kylie's head, have built an
outdoor room on their patio.
Visiting with Uncle Dallas who is here for two weeks. 
Keegan and Hunter love eating sheets of seaweed!
Hanging out!
Something had happened to him, can't remember what!! 
Sun was starting to go down across the water.
We had gotten home from Beijing late the night before so l bought
cakes and added whipped cream and berries, this cake wasn't very birthdayish!!  Jill
had some candles so the kids were happy.
Grandpa doesn't care about the cake and Blaine and Hunter thought something was
pretty funny!!

Night shot from the roof!! 
Aaaaahhhhhh!  Another good day is coming to a close!!

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