Friday, December 9, 2011

Ceramics Shop

This factory seemed to be a mix of ceramic tiles, terra-cotta warriors, screens, and beautiful inlaid
furniture of all types!!  It sure would be fun to be able to buy all the pretty things you see!!

Outside they had all these figures of the warriors.  I was just about a foot too short!

They sure wore a lot of clothes for such a warm country!!
My friend the General!
Dallas was the only one whose head almost fit in the right spot!
You do know where l can buy more helicopters for less than at the night market?  (Dallas went home
with a suitcase filled  with RC helicopters and a tank)

This guy was cleaning up a clay mold of a warriors body.  They make most of the clay warriors they
sell everywhere in Xian.  
This was my favorite of the tiles, but was a little too expensive.

So l bought a smaller version.  I think l'll put it in a frame and hang as a picture.
 The colors are really lovely!

The colors look pretty much all the same but when fired they are really beautiful.

This one is done on bigger tiles.
I think some of these are camels, but they look rather like chickens crowing!!

I don't know where you'd put this horse!  He looks like he's scared!
Wouldn't this be pretty in a bathroom or spa type room?

Some were too mythical  for me, but still awesome to see.  This place had lots of goodies to buy, and you could look for ages!
Well this is the end of our time in Xian and we're off to Beijing.  I don't know who these two weird Russian
characters are, but they insist on coming along!!

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