Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011

My Christmas season began with a cookie baking and decorating afternoon.

The smell of gingerbread is always one of the lovely things about Christmas.
Nothing like candy and cookies!!
Just one finishing touch to make it perfect!
On Christmas Eve we had Jill's parents plus one of our teachers and all of us in our
little place.  Darrell, Jill's dad had the honor of carving the turkey!!

Rachel has picked out her own dress  and was very cute!
Drawing dinosaurs!
Kylie, Blaine and Darrell. 

Jill and her mom Darlene.
She's got them mesmerized!
Pillow fight with Uncle Kylie!
Reading the Christmas story.  Grandpa had extra help this year!!
Because of the size of our space we broke up gift giving.  The grand kids each unwrapped two
 presents at our house, and the rest at their own homes.
Snuggling with grandma Darlene.
Kylie, Jocelyn and Rachel.
Needs a little help from dad.
What did you get?
Admiring Rachel's camera.
Keegan is wearing out.  This celebrating is exhausting!
Ready to head home!

Present opening at Kylie and Jocelyn's.
Reading a story with Rachel's new leap frog books.

Kylie now has his own grill pan!!
Rachel and her new bug light.

Christmas Day. 
Opening her Christmas bag!
We started Christmas Day by sharing a birthday cake for Jesus that Rachel and
Jocelyn made.  We then took a bus and headed out to Ryan and Jill's for
gift opening with them.

Wow, a castle with men and horses and everything!!

This was the hit of the day!!!

Even dad got into playing! 
Jill was thrilled with her new computer!
They spent most of the day playing with their castle.
Ryan loved his new suspension seat for his bike!
Keegan helping grandpa with our family picture jig saw puzzle. (l've already finished it and it's
 hanging on the wall)
Helping grandpa Darrell.
Modeling their Chinese kimonos!
Keegan picked out earrings for Jill! 
Kylie and Jocelyn arrived just in time to help put up the new tent!
Loved crawling through the tunnel. 
Jill, Ryan, Keegan, and Hunter.  They are excited to be welcoming a new little one in July.
  I only hope it arrives before we have to leave!
Christmas Day coming to an end. 
The weather was chillier than normal for here, but one hardy soul is still wearing his shorts!! 
Barbecued hamburgers on Christmas Day hit the spot! 
Plastic animals are a big hit with the younger set!
Wonder what mischief these two are planning?
We had a great Christmas together with our family, friends and grandchildren.  We trust you too had a special blessing celebrating this wonderful time of year. 
As we look back over the last year and then into the future New Year, we can say with the Psalmist
 " if l rise on the wings of dawn,
 If l settle on the far side of the sea,
even there your hand will guide me,
your right hand will hold me fast"
We are so thankful it doesn't matter what side of the world you live on, God knows where you are
and is there to comfort, guide, protect, heal and love you no matter the circumstances.
Happy New Year to each one of you!!

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