Friday, February 17, 2012

Pretend Campout

Last Wednesday both the boys stayed overnight so Rachel came over for supper and we had a
 pretend camp out supper!  Good thing kids have a lot of imagination!

One always needs a flashlight when you are camping out in the dark!
I boiled the wieners and then they held them over their campfire  to heat up.  Rachel's took quite a while to
become warm enough to suit her!!
It helps if you get them right into the flames!!
The gummy worms that ended up in their hot dog buns were a big hit!
It's hard to eat, drink and hold your flashlight at the same time!
The alphabet shaped french fries went faster than the apple slices and pea pods!!
At one point Keegan said to me " why are we doing this?" lol!
Cotton ball marshmallows !!
Hunter really got into the whole thing.
Practicing for the real ones!
Rachel showing her mom the marshmallow's!
They enjoyed eating smore's warmed in the microwave!!

Noise makers to keep the scary things away!
We had to have a story by the campfire!
The next morning Keegan wore his Angry Bird hat because it was actually  rather cold and windy
Love Hunter's gaped tooth grin!
Ready to take Hunter to school.  Keegan and l go to McDonald's for breakfast on the way home!
He loves the hash browns! (me too)

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