Friday, February 3, 2012


Over the Christmas holidays Kylie, Jocelyn, Rachel Blaine and l, went to Shenzhen for a couple of days, and while we were there we visited the Zoo.  It's not as big as Calgary's, but it's actually a pretty interesting  zoo.

This is looking out our hotel window.  On the left is the big tourist store with about a thousand little shops in it.  This is where l go to get clothes made.  The red building in the back is the border crossing
 into Hong Kong. The one on the right is the railway station.
These taxis line up for about two blocks all day long.
Entrance to the zoo!
We rented a horse and carriage to get around in as its quite a bit of walking.
Loved feeding the animals!  This was a baby giraffe and was very cute!
Rachel loves the animals.
We all enjoyed feeding the animals!!
This guy just about took my thumb off when he yanked the reeds out of my hand
and my thumb caught on the railing!
I couldn't hit his mouth even when he stood there with it open, but Jocelyn had better aim! 
The grounds were very pretty and green with lots of trees and landscaping.

Rachel was a little nervous about riding in the buggy!  You could get off see what you wanted and
then hop back in to ride up the hills!
The highlight was riding in this bus inside the tiger and lion enclosures and feeding them raw chicken on
a stick!!  Kylie and Rachel didn't go but took pictures from the safety of the glass viewing areas.
This lion wasn't too interested in coming for the meat hanging out of the wire mesh!
The tigers on the other hand would run alongside the bus and when it stopped would jump up
looking for the meat.
Boy would you hate to meet them without the safety of the cage!!
I don't think they would allow you to do this in Canada!!
Their feet and heads are so massive!
Just waiting patiently...... jump up and grab you!!!
Surrounded!!  Look how tall that one is in the back!
Well, after the excitement of the bus ride Rachel and Grandpa had a rest and checked out the map
to see where we should go next.
The bears were next on the list!
Rachel throwing apples to the bears.
They remind me of the gophers at home, standing up on their hind legs checking things out!
Just hanging out and waiting for the goodies!
It was a fun time visiting the zoo!.  Little kids always have so much enthusiasm and its fun to watch them
learning and experiencing the world.

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