Thursday, May 17, 2012

Birthday Boys!

Hunter turned 6 on May 1st. and Keegan will be three on May 18th.  Because their birthdays are 
so close they had a double party last Saturday.
This little girl is our pastors daughter Izzy.
The party was at the school in the covered area of the playground, which was great as
it was a drizzly wet morning.
Rachel peeking through the bars.
Azul the schools blue lion mascot  made an appearance (thanks to Jocelyn for dressing up) which the kids loved.
Keegan was thrilled to see Azul,  but at the same time  half scared of him!!  Later  when he was  saying
his prayers at night he thanked God for the blue lion and also when he said grace!!
Rachel and I.  She was a little freaked out about Azul.  Mommy disappearing into a big blue costumn
was a little too much for a little girl!
They had rented a bouncy castle which the kids loved and also  this motorized little car was a huge hit
with the kids.
Wall climbing!
With the schools play apparatus and the things they rented, it was a great place for a party.
Just hanging out!!
More hanging out!
It's been a long time since l made kids birthday cakes, but l think they each got the kind they wanted.
They all seem to be puzzled about something!!!
Keegan wanted a dragon, and Hunter wanted an octopus!
Keegans dragon had fire coming out of his nostrils!
Everyone liked the dragon especially when the marshmallow eyes almost started on fire too!
Another family milestone!
Hunter went steady from 8:30 till 12:30 running, jumping and climbing and having a great time!
Somehow Keegan managed to sneek a third piece of cake when no one was looking!
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm  Everyone loves birthday cake!!

Rachel showing off her blue tongue!
Jill asked that no gifts be brought to the party (because of their move home) but we had a little private
 gift  exchange later in the weight room!

Checking out his toy dragon!
The boys came home with us for the night, and it was a toss up who went to sleep first
 for an afternoon nap!!!!

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