Friday, May 25, 2012

Strange Sightings Around Town

You see these ladies pushing carts everywhere.  Sometimes they are loaded with cardboard
 higher then they are!

Anyone know what philatelic means?  Couldn't find it in the online dictionary.
These are the handiest machines when it's raining.  You push your umbrella inside and voila your
 wet brolly is dry and easy to carry!

Love this babies bare bottom!  Saves on diapers but it seems to me it could be messy!! Until
recently diapers weren't used and on the mainland they quite often still aren't.
Please don't use the tables and seats if you are not maternal!!!

I was thinking of buying meat at the market till l saw the whole carcass lying on the floor, and the
 mangled one hanging from the table!

Many strange types of dried sausages here and it's always hanging outside!
This is a chicken wing with a sausage stuffed inside!  Not the greatest! 
I was dyeing to see what was on the front of this sweater but she never turned around!! 
Looks like she has some kind of large animal hanging under her coat!
These dudes were all dressed up for the Rugby 7 games that were going on!! 
Pretty much anything goes here.  Bamboo poles stacked on top of a van.  They weren't tied together, and if the van has to stop quickly it's not a big deal to the guy standing on the poles!

OH! OH!  His poles are slipping off the top!!!  Nobody cares, the traffic just goes around and people walk in between the cars if there is a lull in traffic! 
Notice the N and E turned around on the word entry!  We laugh at some of the English on the signs here
but l sure wouldn't want to try and write anything in Cantonese! 
It's not every day that you see fish drying from your clothesline!!
This caption was in a restaurant in Phuket and was referring to people coming in and taking food out!!
In case you're not sure what he is trying to be, he's wearing a viking hat with horns on top of
his bowl helmet!!!!
I took this picture on Sept. 28.  This is one of the busiest roads near our place, and as you can see there is
hardly a car on it.  This was the one and only typhoon day we had while we were here and everything really does shut down.  People and cars were beginning to come out when l took this picture.
Only 5 1/2 weeks till we come home.  The two years have gone so quickly but l think there are
still a few things left to see before before we head back!

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