Thursday, June 28, 2012

Good Bye Hong Kong

It's with conflicting emotions that we say goodbye to our time in Hong Kong.  It's been a time of stretching ourselves with new experiences, new foods, different cultures, hotter climate, tighter living conditions, not
only with millions of other people, but with sharing  a small place with each other!  On one hand we will, have Ryan, Jill, Hunter, Keegan, and a new grand baby fairly close by in Hafford Sask, but then we will be leaving Kylie, Jocelyn, and Rachel here, and it will be difficult to say goodbye to them.The last few weeks, we have been trying to see as many things as possible before we leave.  In this last blog it will be a kind of hodgepodge of  a few of the places and things we've been doing as we also get ready to return home!  I think we are ready to come back, especially as it heats up here!!!

A couple of weeks ago Blaine and l went out to the Kau Sai Chau golf course on one of the islands 
near Sai Kung. You have to have a handicap card to golf there.  You get there on a really neat ferry
 and anyone can hit some balls at the driving range and then lunch in the restaurant.  Heading out we 
saw these people practicing for the dragon boat races.

There are quit a few junk boats around Sai Kung that you can take tours on.
The course is really beautiful and the views are gorgeous.
One Wed. evening we went to the Happy Valley Race Course to watch the horse races.  It has quite
the view of the business areas of Causeway Bay from the stands.
Looking back into one little section of the stands.  The place is massive.  I can't imagine what this amount of property would be worth in land starved Hong Kong.  

One weekend we went to Shenzhen to buy movies and helicopters!  But most of all we wanted to see the artists village.  Back in the 90's a Hong Kong business man set up 20 artists in the village of Dafen just outside of Shenzhen.  Today the village is in the center of Shenzhen and there are more than 5000 artists living and working there.

Originally they did mostly copies of famous oil paintings whose artists had been dead for more than
70 years and thus no copyright problems.  Do you think you could find something you like in one of those
stacks of canvases?
It's kind of a quiet place to stroll around in looking at every type of picture.  You can take in a photo
and have it painted in oils.  I couldn't resist buying a couple canvases, but they are all of flowers.

A deal being made!!!
Lunch time!  There are hundreds of  studios in the village.

Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent here,  mostly from hotel chains in the USA and Europe.
Next time you're in a hotel take a look at the pictures, because they probably came from here.
Some good some bad!!

I always enjoy watching someone make something come alive on a blank sheet of canvas!
Here is something l bet you'll never see in Canada.  The lady with the string in her mouth is cleaning the hair
off the neck of the other lady, by running this taut string up and down the skin to remove the hair!  It's called Yang Threading.  The cotton thread is twisted and rolled along the surface of the skin, and pulls the hair out as it goes, leaving the skin completely hairless!!  Apparently it is the best to use on sensitive skin, so it can't be that painful!!  The crazy things you see when you are getting clothes made!!
One of Ryan's wishes was to go body surfing at Big Wave Bay, so we spent an afternoon watching him
catch some waves!!  It looked like fun and l was wishing l had a bathing suit along to try too!
The surfer dude!!
Riding a wave in!
There is some regular surfing done here also.
Ryan and Dirk went for one last bike ride over on Lamma Island.  In addition to Hong Kong Island, 
the territory of Hong  Kong consists or another 234 islands,  some of which are just rocks sticking up
out of the South China Sea, to Lantau, which is twice the size of Hong Kong Island.  Lamma is the
third largest.

 Lamma has two small fishing villages, hiking trails, seafood restaurants,  good beaches,  windmills, 
and the power station.

 Do you think they saw the sign!! 

 Sindy and King took Blaine and l out to a Japanese restaurant for supper.  It was a relaxing evening
grilling our food over the barbecue set into each table
 I had to try one of everything (Blaine stuck to the beef and chicken!)  I couldn't eat the head, but
 the rest was pretty tasty!
Even though this was good, we're both looking forward to a good steak on the barbecue 
once we're home!!
 I have to do some grandma bragging while l have your attention!!
Rachel Dawn - she has a great sense of humor and is always ready to see something new!

 Keegan Joseph -  our little imp who loves to climb and gives great hugs

Hunter Rhys - always active in mind, body and spirit - loves Mr. Bean

We have been so grateful to be able to spend this time getting to know and love these three 

little people.

 Thank you to Kylie and Jocelyn for letting us be a part of your lives for the last two years, and putting up
with having us just down the hall from you!  We will miss you so much as we head home, but know
this is where God has put you for now. (but hopefully some day you will move closer)
Thanks to Ryan and Jill for letting us borrow your kids for overnight sleepovers, and spending
your Sundays with the old folks.  We are looking forward to helping you build that new garage, landscape and paint or whatever else you need help with as you settle into your new life in Hafford.
Blaine's grade seven class from this year. 
Five of the students who Blaine was privileged to pray with as they accepted Christ as their Savior.

As this week winds down, not only does our time in China end, but also 40 years of teaching comes to a finish for Blaine. 

40 years has brought new ways of doing things........

a new generation of teachers have come........
and new students will continue to begin their years of schooling.....

but we look to the future to see what the next big adventure will be......

.....and to see what God has in store for our retirement years.

Thank you to each one of you who have prayed for us, who kept in touch, those who were able to visit

 us here, and you who have helped us in a number of ways.  We'll always be grateful for our time here, being able to spend time with the family, the people we've met, the unusual things we've seen and places we were fortunate enough to visit. 
  Joigin  (goodbye) from Hong Kong!!

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