Friday, November 5, 2010

Dry Run to Airport

Kylie, Jocelyn, and Rachel arriving home from Philippines.
At the arrivals area of the airport
On Saturday Blaine wanted to go out to the airport partly to meet Kylie, Jocelyn, and Rachel, but also for a practice run.  Blaine's brother and a cousin are coming for a visit on Nov. 20th, so we wanted to see what was the best way to get to the airport to welcome them.  You've heard of a slow boat to China?  Well this trip was a slow bus to Lantau (island where the airport is)  If ever there was a milk run this was it!!  It wound through every back road possible to get there.  If you have lots of time it is rather interesting to see different areas and is much cheaper than the taxi, but make sure your bladder is empty and don't drink anything on the way!
Heading out for the airport in a double decker bus.  The picture below is of part of the container terminal on the way to the airport.  I'ts a huge place and this is only a small portion of it.  The cranes are so big and amazing to see.  It apparently is considered the busiest port in the world and puts  through around 243 million tonnes of cargo a year.
Coming into  Whampoa. Our church is not too far from here.  We meet in a Chinese Alliance school gym, and have around 200 people each Sunday.

This is the Whampoa mall.  This area is all built on reclaimed land.  The ship has a hotel and shopping mall in it. It's kind of interesting to see a ship in the middle of all the high rises.

Heading out of the congestion to the bridge that connects us to Lantau where the airport is.  I took a picture of the bridge, but it didn't turn out very clearly so we'll try again another day.  The bridges here are enormous and quite beautiful on a clear day or at night.

.We went to Ruby Tuesday's  to celebrate Blaine's birthday. Now this is a restaurant that we will go to again (unlike the Spaghetti House of  last week!)

Grandpa and Rachel playing a fun game.  Some week  l'll have to do a blog bragging up the grandkids.  They are the most amazing children around of course!  We are heading out to a fancy golf club tonight with the rest of the teachers.  A celebration that parent teacher interviews are done!!  Actually it just happened to fall on this day, but l think everyone is ready for some r n r.  Interviews went from 4 pm to 9 pm on Thursday after teaching all day, and all day today. Hope you all have a fun week!

PS.  Apparently the picture of the ship won't open in the blog.  You can try to right click on it and try opening it in another window.  Sometimes its here and sometimes not.  I'll try and get another one of it for next week.

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