Friday, November 26, 2010

Beaches and Birthday

On Friday we went out to the Gold Coast for a belated birthday celebration for Blaine .  First we went for massages. When you are finished they serve you tea.
I got a foot massage which was wonderful.
Hunter wasn't too sure about drinking the tea!
Jill made a cake and everyone helped blow out the big 60 candle.
On Saturday we went out to Stanley with Kylie, Jocelyn and Rachel.

Heading out on the ferry to North Point which is on the island .  Then you can either take a bus out to Stanley, or take a taxi which is what we did.
At the ferry terminal at North Point is a fish market with everything.  Here's some octopus and they even had a sting ray.  l don't know if they are eaten or what.
This is at the start of the market.  I really like Stanley market because it has a little better quality of stuff than the Night Market.  I even bought a pair of Merrel sandals here.
This is along the board walk by the ocean.  It sort of feels like a European resort here.  There are a lot of x-pats here and it is a big tourist destination.
All along the beach are restaurants and English pubs. It was very good food. Stanley was taken over by the British in 1841 and was then won by the Japanese in the war.  
This is inside the market.  As you can see its very crowded and its not something you can rush through.
On the way home we took  a bus which was long and tiring but its always interesting  to see new areas and just riding on the winding narrow roads up and down the mountains is an adventure in itself.  We again took the ferry back to Kowloon.  This was a local fishing boat we saw.  We had a great Friday and Saturday relaxing with the kids.  I always love going to the beaches and riding the ferries.
Blaine's brother Dallas and cousin Colette arrived safe and tired!

 Most of their luggage was goodies for us.  Blaine has been craving puffed wheat squares and spinach dip is what l'm looking forward to!  When you can't get certain things, you can be sure that's what you crave.

Checking out how far down the ground is!  And so ends another week in Hong Kong.

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