Friday, November 19, 2010

Off to the Hair Salon

I took the plunge and finally after three months went for a color and cut.  One of the gals that retired from teaching this year took me to the salon she goes to.  It's hard to find someone here who is used to cutting and coloring western hair, unless you go to the island, which is considerably more expensive.   It's quit the production and took 4 hours in all!  You get your own little locker with key, at the station to put your purse etc. in. Then the stylist comes and sees what you want and  an apprentice takes you into a room with couches where you lay with your head over a sink and you get a shampoo.  The cut took a long time by a very pleasant young man who spoke very good English.  He said it takes 5 yrs here to become a stylist because you apprentice for so long while also taking classes. Then he  dried my hair, while we discussed what shade of color l wanted.  Then the color technician  comes and does his thing.
After the color you wait 1/2 hour and they bring tea, coffee, water,or whatever you want.
Then you sit under your space age looking heater which goes round and round!  After this you again go back on the couch for another shampoo and this time you also get a head massage for around 15 min.  Then its back to the stylist for the final blow dry etc.   What a production!!  It all turned out pretty good.  I more or less wanted the same style l had with some length taken off, and the color didn't turn green yet so l guess it'll all be fine!
The cost is a little more than at home but pretty comparable.  Looks much the same as home so at this point its a good thing!  Maybe next time l'll be more adventurous and get something new and wild!!  Yesterday l got a text message from Henry (stylist) wondering if the color was good and if it was laying the way l wanted!  Can't say that has happened before.  Good business on his part l suppose.  Wishing you a happy snow weekend!

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