Friday, August 26, 2011

Monkey Mountain

Kam Shan Country Park in Sha Tin is called Monkey Mountain for good reason.  It is absolutely full of wild monkeys!!  Ryan took us for a drive up to have a look and it is amazing the number of monkeys you see.  The fine for feeding them is large but people still seem to do it.  We stopped the car to watch them and all of a sudden there they were sitting on the mirrors looking in at you!!!  It's quit startling at first to see them so close.  You wouldn't dare open a window or they would be in the car in your lap!  Some of the males are quit large and kind of intimidating.

 There were monkeys of all sizes and ages.  The new born ones were so cute with their little wizened faces and big ears!!

After seeing the monkeys we went up to Tai Mo Shan, which is the highest mountain in Hong Kong.  It's English name is " big misty mountain" and it is 957 m high.

 l didn't have my camera with me because l didn't know we were going, but l took these with my phone, so they're not that great.  This is looking over to Tsuen Wan.   Across the water is Shenzhen, which is in China.

It was quite clear when we arrived but by the time we left it was living up to its name as misty mountain.
The road up is very narrow.
The road to very top is blocked off for cars, but you get pretty close.  The kids loved climbing on the big rocks.
Having some father and son discussion time!!
The mist started rolling in.  It came up very fast and there were wisps of cloud flying not far above us!

You get some amazing views from up here and can see how all the islands are very hilly.
Hunter was practicing his snake killing skills with the umbrella!!  Thanks goodness we didn't see any!

Hong Kong island is in the distance.  This picture was taken about half way down, and you're still high enough to see quite a ways.  Ryan, Jill and another teacher road their mountain bikes up to the top.  It took them around 31/2 hr.  The road is very twisty and steep and in some places two cars can't meet!

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