Friday, August 5, 2011

Jade market

The Jade Market has around 400 hundred stalls selling all varieties  and grades of jade.  It's not recommended to buy anything that is very  expensive here unless you really know jade, and can tell the difference in the grades and kinds, as there are many variations to the color of genuine jade.

Entrance to the Jade Market.
Each one of the tables is a separate little stall, so you can see how they pack so many in one building!

Lots of little carved animals and Buddhas!

Necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings of every description.

If you are looking for any kind  of bead or necklace you'll find it here!

There are lots of coral beads.

Keep digging, you'll find something interesting!

The problem is, if you stop just to look, they're on you like bees to honey and you can't just browse
 and look through all the stuff, which is annoying because you don't have the time to see what's all there.

There are some really neat things, but you need to bargain or you'll end up paying way too much.

I think this poor soul had had enough of shopping in the market and needed a well deserved rest!!
I succumbed to the temptation and bought two little elephants!  One is jade and one is rose quartz (supposedly!!)  As with all the markets here you go, and  if you find something that strikes your fancy, get it for the joy of getting something you like, and bargain like mad knowing you are getting fakes but having fun doing it!!  If you want something that you know is genuine go to a reputable store you're sure of but otherwise go have fun in the markets!  They are a hoot, and you can find all kinds of wonderful things!!  Where else would you find genuine jade and rose quartz elephants for $10 Canadian??

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