Friday, August 19, 2011

Kids Kids Kids

The past few days have been busy with grand kids activities.  Hunter started it off with a fall from his bunk
bed and a stay overnight in the hospital in Tsuen Wan because he needed stitches and they had to put him out.  Because it was on his face and deep they brought in a plastic surgeon so hopefully there will be little scarring.
On Sunday l went along with Jill to watch Keegan at his first modeling job!  I was amazed he actually stood on his spot and allowed Jill to change his clothes so many times!!
Then on Monday we celebrated Rachel's second birthday and it was fun to meet some of her little friends and moms.  So l'm afraid it will all about the grand kids today!!
A very serious moment!
Always time for a story.
Showing me his war wound!
I was surprised he was so willing to do this!

I've never been to a shoot before, so it was very interesting to watch.
When he got hold of the water pistol he really came alive!!

This little girl was also 2 yr. old and had been modeling for awhile.
He loved the hats!!  All these picture l took with my phone so they are not very good quality.

Mr. Cool!!
This girl had been modeling since she was 6 months old.  She is from Montreal originally and has been in HK  2 yr. What would a Barnstable do with a football you are given to hold?  Well you throw it of course.  Keegan was told that was naughty!!

The clothes were really cute and were for some company that sells mainly in Europe.
I don't think laying on the floor where you can't see the clothes was what they were aiming for but Keegan was getting to the end of his endurance by that time!

He really liked those hats!!  My battery quit about this time so l didn't get the outdoor ones.  I don't know if he'll consent to doing this again or not but it was fun to go and see what it was all about.

Keegan with his Micky ears on at the party!!
Her theme was Micky and Minnie.  Rachel loves her cupcakes!!
She was having a little difficulty sharing her stuffed toys and told Jocelyn to hide them!!
It was a long wait before she could eat those cupcakes!!
Breaking the pinata.  She was a little upset when they started trying to break it because she'd been told for the last week not to!!

mmmmmmmmmmm I'm wondering how l can get some more!!

Isn't this the best cupcake ever?

Say cheese!
So thankful to be able to share in these kinds of celebrations.

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