Friday, October 7, 2011

Noah's Ark

A couple weeks ago Blaine and l went to visit Noah's Ark.  This full size replica is on the island of Ma Wan, which is about half way between the Gold Coast and where we live.  The only vehicles allowed on the island are buses.  There is also a huge high end residential community called Park Island situated there. This first picture l found on the net.  I think it must be when the ark was being built as you can see the long green thing under the bridge.  They always put that green netting around anything being built.  It's a very small island and you can see why they don't want a lot of cars!

Entrance to the park.
Looking at the back of the ark.  It really was very large!!  No wonder it took Noah a few years to build it!
Outside of the ark is a terraced park with different life size animals.
The animals are quite realistic looking.

The Tsing Ma Bridge is built  over part of the complex.
The Park Island Pier and Ferry terminal.
Tung Wan beach just below the ark.
Some panorama shots from different angles. 

Various animals coming down the ramp from the doorway.
Ancient urn.  Inside there are many exhibits and a 180 degree movie of the Biblical story of Noah and the flood.
There was a huge display of arks from different countries and made from all kinds of materials.
I think this one is a cookie jar. 
These are for you Mary, as they are all teapots!!

I was trying to get a picture to show how long it was but l couldn't get the whole thing in one shot!
Besides the actual ark there are other things to do, such as  adventure land, which has this rope climbing wall, basketball stadium, and a nature garden.  It's quite an interesting place and would be fun for a family to stay in the hotel and take your time checking out some of the other sights!!

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