Friday, October 14, 2011

reclaimed land

As far back as the 1840's land reclamation has been the most cost effective way to accommodate the rising need for more flat land in Hong Kong.  Around 7000 hectares of land has been reclaimed.(I'm not sure if this is only at the Harbor or all of Hong Kong).  By 1859 the first project was finished.  Since the 1990's the government has been concerned about having more reclamation take place as public concern about the further destruction of one of Hong Kong's most valuable resources, Victoria Harbor, is an issue.  Disneyland Resort, the International Airport and the old Kai Tak Airport were all built on reclaimed land.  Also some of the new towns like Tuen Mun, Tai Po, Shatin, Ma On Shan, West Kowloon, Kwun Tong and Tseung Kwan O were mostly built on reclaimed land.
The grey areas are the reclaimed land.  The red shows the proposed or  land under development now.  Most of the urban area of Hong Kong is on reclaimed land.  We live around where the upper red patch is and the red on the island is Central.  The airport is the bigger grey area on the bigger island which is Lantau.

Fill being hauled in. 
Most of these tall buildings along the harbor front  were built on reclaimed land.  This picture is looking from the Kowloon side over to the island.  If they keep using up the harbor, one day maybe you'll be able to walk from the island to Kowloon!!
 All of these pictures were taken on the island side and is work being done down by the ferry terminal .
From what l've read there is supposed to be a bypass, corridor link, and more tunnel links to other trains plus some open areas for parks etc. going into this project

This is looking from Wan Chai to the same area in Victoria Harbor,  which is under construction in all the above pictures.

These last two pictures are from the Kowloon side looking out from the Sky 100 observations deck.  This whole complex was also built on reclaimed land.

There is still lots of construction around the area where the International Commerce Center building is located (which also houses the Sky100 observation deck)  There are many people concerned with the shrinking Victoria Harbor and don't want anymore land reclamation done along the harbor front on either side.

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