Friday, October 21, 2011

Moving Day

This past weekend was moving day for Ryan and Jill.  Rents in Hong Kong are going through the roof and the company where they have been, hiked the rent up by a substantial amount,  so consequently people have been moving out like crazy.  The other two apt. on their floor have been vacant for quite a while now.   Ryan and Jill were fortunate to find a place about a mile down the road from where they were which is bigger and has more storage, plus a roof top deck for around the same price they would have had to pay if they'd stayed where they were.

Kids sitting in the window well watching the furniture being moved out.
Blaine, Jill, Ryan and Perlita (their helper) moved all the furniture and l kept the kids occupied.
Having a snack on the balcony.

Hunter is enjoying kindergarten and was singing some of the songs he's learned 
from Uncle Kylie in chapel.

Keegan sitting on the only seat left in the house to have his snack.
Finally getting to see the new house.  It's always exciting to find an 
old friend in a new environment!

The front room and dinning room is quite large and very bright with a great view over the ocean.  
All the furniture fit in great, although one of the security guards was sure that brown
 couch wasn't going to get through the door!
The kitchen is a bit smaller but actually has more counter space, and 
the most wonderful part is that the new fridge is way bigger!!! 
 That is a huge improvement as most of the fridges here are very small. 
These have to be the weirdest stairs.  They are a combination of ladder and 
stairs and very steep.  Fortunately there is another normal set of stairs that
 lead to the rooftop, outside the flat.
Trying out the new umbrella, that goes with a table and chairs set.
To have all this extra outdoor space to store things and a private place to get outside 
will be wonderful.  We're looking forward to their first barbecue!!!

Kids came home with us so they could keep packing etc., and they did great camping
out in the front room!

Watching Sunday morning cartoons while grandpa does his sit ups!!

Two little munchkins ready for church.  Takes me back in time!!
Blaine and l have started taking a turn teaching the Lil K Sunday School class which
 is 3-5 yr. olds.  Other than the crafts and games, most of the lesson is taught by a video.
  How things change!!

 There is usually between 15-20 kids, but you also have two helpers so it's kind of fun!

This boat is actually a hotel and shopping mall and is just down the street from the church. 
This whole area is built on reclaimed land.
We're heading out for dinner after church.
I wonder where we're going for dinner!!!
This area is known as Whampoa and l kind of like it.  It has lots of nice shops and seems 
a good combination of older and modern.

I've never figured out what exactly this is supposed to be!
ParknShop's are one of the main grocery stores here.   They are everywhere in various sizes.  
This one is really really big and has a great variety of most everything except western meat.  
I won't be writing a blog next week as Blaine, Dallas (his brother) and I are going to Xian and 
then on to Beijing for a little trip.  Please pray for us as we travel that everything will work well and 
that l'll be able to do all the walking.  Thanks and see you the following Friday.

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