Friday, March 2, 2012

Jumbo Floating Restuarant

The Jumbo Floating Restaurant is a landmark of Aberdeen.  It's situated within the typhoon shelter
of Aberdeen Harbor.  Floating restaurants appeared after World War 11 and the first one, The
Sea Palace was sold and towed to Australia.  The Jumbo Kingdom as it is called, consists
of two restaurants, the Tai Pak and the Jumbo Floating Restaurant.  The Tai Pak was opened
in 1952.   In 1971 a fire occurred at the Jumbo right before its opening and 34 people were killed.  It reopened in 1976.

The free shuttle barge that you can catch from two different areas along the harbor.

Ferry docking at the entrance.
Golden dragon decorations on the entrance.

The design is that of an ancient Imperial Palace and is lavishly decorated.
Dallas on the sampan.
This is the pier on the opposite side of the harbor where you can catch the ferry out to the restaurant.
One of the beautiful wall murals as you come into the main entrance.
Night time shot of the pier entrance.
 A couple of weeks after Dallas had left Jocelyn and another teachers wife and l went out for supper at
the Jumbo.  This is inside the ferry.
It's quite spectacular at night with all the lights, and can accommodate 2,300 people.
Jocelyn, Rachel, Annika and Sarah in the entrance.
There are different types of restaurants with in the boat.  This is the Dragon which has Chinese Dim Sum.
The girls are checking out the different fish tanks that you can go and look at.
We ate out on the deck so we could see the lights and boats passing by.  Although it was a bit chilly
it was very enjoyable.  They are best known for the seafood, but you can get steaks in this one.
Each deck has different types of food and  price range, and is another of Hong Kong's well known destinations.

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