Friday, March 16, 2012

Winter Garden

I took a walk through the gardens in our walkway and it the prettiest it's been all year.  They must spend a fortune on plants here because they just pull the annuals out and replace the whole bunch every few weeks or so.  For awhile they had petunias  where all the geraniums are and before that it was impatiens's.  There are hundreds of them.  All very pretty!

 This is a kumquat tree.  It has been absolutely loaded with fruit all fall and winter.  You can't eat anything that grows because they spray with insecticide.
 This vine looks like one we have back home.  Is it a honeysuckle or trumpet?  Anyone know?
The bougainvillea tree is totally covered with blossoms.
I think this is a Mango tree.  There was one that was beginning to ripen but l see its disappeared!
Beautiful geraniums.  At least l recognize one or two of the plants here!
This looks like a vinca maybe. 
Whatever the pinks ones are, they love it by the water.
This is the only rose left that is blooming.  They have a few roses here but they seem to struggle.
I don't know what these plants are but l love their bright new leaves.  They seem to thrive when it's cooler out.
Hibiscus are used a lot here and are so beautiful.
Red geraniums.
One of the paths lined with bougainvillea.
They keep all the shrubs and trees all trimmed up nicely.
Not sure what this flowering bush is.
I like the layering of the plants.
They keep the grounds very pretty year round.
One more l know. Begonias!!  I really enjoy our walkway.  It seems the air is fresher and sweeter and it's a little oasis of plants, trees, flowers and water trickling from the fountains.  A nice retreat from the smelly traffic!!

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