Friday, March 9, 2012

Saturday Football

The boys have played on a flag football team a few times since last year.   Its been made up of various 
teachers from our school and some from Christian International School and a few others.  They 
play on one of the soccer fields at the Hong Kong Race Track on the island.

Putting on the flags.  A little different than with tackle equipment!!
Love his hairdo!!  A former student from our school.
Discussing the first play of the game! 
Kylie ran for a touchdown!!  Yeah! 
They look determined!

Both these guys are from our school.  The guy on the left is from New Zealand and the one on the right
is from Saskatoon.
This fellow is from Alabama and his wife teaches at the other school.  Will he catch it? 
From the expressions on the three on the sideline he didn't get it!!
Who will get the ball............ 
almost has it..
not very secure........ 
ahhhh  mine!!!
Going for it!

I thing purple hair has his flag!

Did he get it?

Yup he's pick off  Ryan's flag!

Over here!
Not sure if you're allowed to hug the opposite player or not!!

Up for grabs! 
They don't looked pleased that Ryan got the ball!!
Who knew Kylie could run that fast, especially with his shoe sole falling off!!
They won the tournament with only one TD scored against them in four games.
I think this boy better buy some new shoes!  It must have been that lightening speed!! 
It was a foggy, misty day but fun to see the boys playing again.

They are starting a tackle football team in Hong Kong and Blaine and Ryan spent some time helping
at the first practice.  The team is going to play against a team in the Philippines in a few weeks and asked
Blaine to go along but he feels he doesn't have the time to do that, but will help out occasionally.  Who would have thought, he'd be doing football in Hong Kong!!! If the guys weren't all Asian it would almost be like the Royals with the same colors!

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