Friday, December 3, 2010

Playing Tourist

Looking down from Kylie's flat.  The building behind the dark blue pool is a hotel,  the manicured area is our walkway, and the light pool is ours.
One of Jill's clients gave his Porsche to them for the weekend, so Ryan took Blaine and l for a drive after church.  It's quite the car!!

I went for a open air bus tour with Dallas and Colette.  The two pictures above are taken from Victoria Peak, looking down on Hong Kong Island and over to the Kowloon side.  The tallest building in the middle, is the IFC building and has 101 floors.  There is one across the water on the Kowloon side which is taller.
To get to the Peak you can take a tram, which climbs up an incredibly steep grade, and has been  running since 1888.  It's coming into the station here.
The electric trams have been in use here since 1904, and is the only double decker system in the world.   They are rather  neat old buses with wooden seats and the're kind of noisy and shudder as they go along the track.  No air conditioners in these, so its better to ride them in the cooler season.
This is the Mid- Levels escalators.  It's a bunch of escalators that are 800m in length and climb up around 135m.  This part of Central, Soho, and Mid levels  is very hilly and steep.  The escalators run uphill until midnight, except during the morning rush hour when it runs downhill.

This is the Man Mo Temple which dates back to the 1840's
These are huge sandlewood coils of incense that take about two weeks to burn through.   They smelled pretty much like what my neighbor burns all the time.  Some days it gets to be a little too much!!
We went for supper at the Temple Street night market, before going to find the bargains of the century!   You sit on plastic stools out in the open on the side of the street with buses and cabs going beside you, and of course people.  The food was really good and l'd go there again.  Dallas and Colette had fun shopping and bartering. Temple Street market is little booths set up on both sides of the street for blocks and blocks, plus there are stores behind the booths, so you can shop all evening.  If was a beautiful night so it was fun to be out and about. I haven't mastered the art of chopsticks yet, so Blaine and l had to ask for forks!!  Maybe by the time we leave we will have learned to keep them uncrossed, so  food won't be falling everywhere.

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