Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Decorations

Everything is big here!  At least the decorations are!
Sometimes it hard to see any relevance to Christmas, but they are very beautiful to look at!
I think these are all at Harbour Mall.  Everything is big and extravagant.
Again, not sure of the cakes significance but it does say Seasons Greetings!
These two pictures are taken from the Kowloon side looking over to the Island.  There is a laser light show every night which is rather interesting to see.  I don't know how they get those lights up on  buildings so many stories high.

The power bills must be astronomical, even without the Christmas decorations, as everything is lit up every night of the year.

Well l warned you l was going to have a grandmas brag blog and here it is!!  Last Sunday we were trying to get pictures of the three munchkins together, but that was almost impossible.  Keegan is 19 mos. old and Rachel is 16 mos.  Keegan is a very quiet, and serious little fellow who kind of does his own thing.  Rachel is usually smiley (although she has now learned to scowl) and bright eyed and inquisitive. They are both beginning to talk now so the next year should be fun.
I'm really not trying to take your radio but looking at this thing in my hand!
Hunter is 4 and learning to  read, write and speak Chinese. He goes to a Chinese kindergarten half days. He's a bundle of energy.   I asked him what he wanted for Christmas but since he'd already written a letter to
Santa he didn't think l needed to know!!  His Christmas Concert was on Monday, but only parents were allowed to go.  He loves stories, Spider man and dinosaurs.
Keegan kept looking into the bag wondering why there was nothing there!!  Hunter being a loving big brother.

Finally all together, and looking in the same direction!  Christmas should be lively this year!!  The little ones wouldn't wear a Santa hat, so Hunter did the honors.  Hope you have as much fun with your kids and  grand kids as l hope to have with mine!

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