Friday, December 10, 2010

A Visit to the Buddha

Leaving from Tung Chung
Lantau Island is the home of the International Airport, many hiking trails, Discovery Bay, Hong Kong Disneyland, and Ngong Ping, home of the worlds largest outdoor sitting Buddha!  There is a cable car linking Ngong Ping with Tung Chung.  (where the outlet malls are).  The Po Lin (Precious Lotus) Monastery and temple complex was built in 1924.  On the hill above the monastery sits the Tian Tan Buddha.  It's about 34m high and weights 202 tonnes. You can climb the 260 steps up to the base of the Buddha if you are so inclined, but we weren't because we waited in line for almost 2 hours to catch the cable car back down the mountains.   It is amazingly mountainous there, and the views from the cable car are really beautiful, but it's probably better to visit on a week day and go early in the day!!

Heading out over the ocean.  It seems a long way down. The ride takes about 25 min.
Keegan is busy making a phone call!!
Going by the airport.
Heading over one of the valleys.  You travel over two or three mountain peaks.  I was quite happy to not be in the glass bottom car.

Still a ways to go if you want to walk those 260 stairs up to the Buddha's base.  Even Keegan thinks it will be too much for him!
Beautiful gate leading to the statue.

Hunter is not to sure about these two weirdos!

Baby warriors in the making!

If you still have the energy, after climbing those stairs you can take your pick of anywhere in the world!

Last family get together before Dallas and Colette head home.
  Love your hat Hunter!  Rachel is hiding under the green blanket.

Snacking, in case they get hungry on the flight back!

It was wonderful to have visitors.  It went by way too fast but l think they enjoyed their look at Hong Kong and we certainly loved having them here.  Hope your backs recover from the cramped sleeping quarters!!

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