Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas trees and Soup Pots

This is the tree in the entrance to our complex.  It's a real tree and you can smell it all through the lobby.  Can't imagine what a real tree this size would cost, but l'm sure it was plenty.  It's around 12 feet high.
Poinsettias, in our entrance way.
 See there is even snow in tropical Hong Kong!!  You can get most anything here!

Could this one be bigger or more purple?
Hunter standing in front of the Christmas tree at the Gold Coast.
Tree in a mall. Don't know which one!

Tree at Ocean park.  I wonder how many decorations are on that tree?

So what does a soup pot have to do with a Christmas tree?    Well a little story.  At first l wasn't even going to put up a tree, but then we decided to have Christmas Eve here, and l couldn't see not having a tree to have presents under.  There was a beautiful white tree made of shells l liked, but that seemed kind of cold, and then Ryan said he had one at the school.  So Blaine brings it home, but alas it had no stand.  You don't just go out and buy a tree stand (l guess you can if you know where to go, but l didn't).  Well the grocery order had come that day so l tried to make feet from cardboard, but the dumb thing kept falling over.  The next morning  l thought l'd try again but no luck, it wouldn't stand up.  Well l thought that's the end of that.  I'll just throw the thing out and we won't have a tree.  By this time l was quit frustrated and feeling sorry for myself and proceeded to tell God all about it.  The next thought in my mind was you have a soup pot.  In fact you have two!
Well, l still had all that cardboard and old plastic bags, so l stuffed the pot with all the junk and voila a beautiful silver tree stand with handles no less!!
It may not be big and fancy or  as pretty as the one we have in Rosetown, but it reminds me that God cares about the small stuff in our lives as well as the important things and  even a humble soup pot can be transformed to be used in a new way.  Something like when God changes us isn't it.
From our family to yours, may you have a blessed and wonderful Christmas with family and friends.

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